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Mission Statement

Rotterdam Lot Cleaners will pursue protective solutions to the climate change crisis through socially and environmentally responsible cleaning methods. We will cause no unnecessary harm to the environment or to chemical-sensitive individuals, and we will benefit the communities where we work.

We Are Your Community

Rotterdam Lot Cleaners LLC has been serving the Capital District area of Upstate New York area since 2019. We engage with workers who are college students, parents, and others in your local community who frequent the establishments they service.

Rotterdam Lot Cleaners supports your business mission in a cost effective manner that does not contribute to climate change and does not stress the work environment or property.

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Diesel sweeper trucks weigh 20,000 pounds and consume 2,600 gallons of diesel fuel yearly. That's 10 times the average passenger car!*

*Source: www.governing.com (calculated for average 20,000 lb sweeper)